Friday, September 4, 2009

Golden State Warriors summer drought

Once again the most boring part of the season... I'm seriously on google every day searching for any golden state warriors related news... it's kind of pathetic but man do i miss my basketball... So far Anthony Randolph and Anthony Morrow made splashes at the Vegas Summer League... Both are projected to have big impacts next season, Anthony Randolph more so than Anthony Morrow. Anthony Randolph was invited to the Olympic team practice which was pretty cool for warriors fans. He had decent numbers (12 points on the 2nd day of scrimmaging) but other than that the show was focused on Durant and Gay who had exceptional performances for their respective teams, and of course to Rose who did not live up to the hype but still manages to attract a lot of attention as he is touted to be the future pg of the olympic squad... anyways onto more warriors updates... The Golden State warriors picked up some players - moore, law, claxton, george... all wack of course but most (if not all) have expiring contracts so in a way it was a good move for the warriors as it looks like Rowell and Riley will be making cap space next year for the big 2010 free agency market... I'd still like to get Amare this year but he doesn't seem like the type that would help improve warrior chemistry... but the dood is a beast in the middle and i think any team that lands amare will just have to put up with the good and the bad... with that said i say throw in curry, biedrins, and buike to the offer and see if we can strike a deal... I don't like wright but i wouldn't give him up yet b/c i think he's going to have a breakout year and he would make for a great backup to Randolph.

Stephen jackson requests a trade - i actually don't mind this assuming we get back something good in return... I mean we lost Bdiddy already and i don't think Capn Jack is going to hold down the locker room by himself for the next few years... so i'm willing to accept whatever locker room drawbacks the warriors will face if we lose Jackson... it may actually get better... Jackson does take a lot of ill advised shots (although he does make a lot at crucial times in the game), but i think we need to eliminate that kind of inconsistency from the warriors team... Give the keys to Monta and let him drive/lead this team to wherever it's going. Monta is an effin stud and i think he's got all-star/superstar ability... He'll have a great supporting cast... but i guess the Jackson trade request saga will continue as i don't see any of the playoff bound teams needing to pick up a player with about $20mil left on his contract...

Anyways... till next time... Go Dubs... can't wait for the season to start... and can't wait to start blogging about fantasy player projections, trade debates, etc.

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